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Dress 2 Stay in 5 (Vestito x Stare in 5)

Wool. Variable dimensions. 2018.    

Self Portrait as A Young Artist #1 and #2

Mixed media on canvas and cardboard. Circa 90 H x 60 W x 6…

Good Good Luck (Limited Edition)

Limited edition: 15 signed copies. Folded printed wallpaper. 2017/2018.

Avantgarde Radikale

Itinerant Installation: Mercedes Avantgarde, Neon Flex, emergency blankets, inflatable mattress, metal pipes, rubber pipe,…

Foldable Sculpture (Leroy Merlin + Neon Flex)

Installation: Neon Flex, Leroy Merlin’s sawhorses. Variable dimensions (circa 75 H x 160 W  x…

Under the Things

Installation: acrylic on the furniture of the studio. Variable dimensions (circa 130 H x 75 W x…

'Standing Girl #2' Site-Specific at CultRise.

Installation: acrylic on printed wallpaper, electric wire, lamp. Variable dimensions (circa 118 H x…

Portrait of Beth #3 (Spiral)

Installation: folded printed wallpaper. Variable dimensions (circa 125 H x 110 W inches; 317 x…

Step into My Parlour (Self Portrait as Hendrik Kerstens as His Daughter #2)

Installation: oil on canvas, wooden frame, fabric. Variable dimensions (circa 90 H x 70 W x…

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