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Dress 2 Stay in 5 (Vestito x Stare in 5)

Wool. Variable dimensions. 2018.    

Self Portrait as A Young Artist #1 and #2

Mixed media on canvas and cardboard. Circa 90 H x 60 W x 6…

Good Good Luck (Limited Edition)

Limited edition: 15 signed copies. Folded printed wallpaper. 2017/2018.

Avantgarde Radikale

Itinerant Installation: Mercedes Avantgarde, Neon Flex, emergency blankets, inflatable mattress, metal pipes, rubber pipe,…

Foldable Sculpture (Leroy Merlin + Neon Flex)

Installation: Neon Flex, Leroy Merlin’s sawhorses. Variable dimensions (circa 75 H x 160 W  x…

Under the Things

Installation: acrylic on the furniture of the studio. Variable dimensions (circa 130 H x 75 W x…

'Standing Girl #2' Site-Specific at CultRise.

Installation: acrylic on printed wallpaper, electric wire, lamp. Variable dimensions (circa 118 H x…

Portrait of Beth #3 (Spiral)

Installation: folded printed wallpaper. Variable dimensions (circa 125 H x 110 W inches; 317 x…

Step into My Parlour (Self Portrait as Hendrik Kerstens as His Daughter #2)

Installation: oil on canvas, wooden frame, fabric. Variable dimensions (circa 90 H x 70 W x…

1/4 + 1/2 – 1/4 (Self Portrait as Hendrik Kerstens as His Daughter)

Installation: oil on canvas, wooden frame, fabric, wooden bar, shoes. Variable dimensions (circa 80 H…

Self Portrait as Robert Morris as His 'Not so Minimal' Soul

Installation: rubber seal, nails. Variable dimensions (Circa 60 H x 25 W x 1.5 inches). 2015….

Untitled (Kitchen Geometry)

Project for “La Scultura Marchigiana Dal Dopoguerra Ad Oggi“’s catalogue. 1998.

Untitled (Two Roulottes)

Cibachrome on aluminium. 15.9 H x 22.6 W x 0.1 inches (40,5 x 57,5  cm). 1996….

Untitled (Washing Machine Pattern)

Project for “Aperto Italia ’97 – Giovane Arte E Giovane Critica” ‘s catalogue. 1997.


Project for “Fuori Uso – Mercato Globale” ‘s catalogue. 1997.

Main Publications

FormeUniche: Five Questions for Gian Maria Marcaccini

Interview by Marco Roberto Marelli. Published by FormeUniche. December 2016. Original text (italian version only)…

Interview with Gian Maria Marcaccini

Published by Unfolding Roma. July 2016. Original text (italian version only) U: Ieri c’erano le arti…

Cantiere del '900. Opere dalle collezioni Intesa Sanpaolo. Homo ludens.

Exhibition catalogue of ‘Homo ludens. Quando l’arte incontra il gioco’. Milan, Gallerie di Piazza…

Arte moltiplicata

Exhibition catalogue of ‘Arte moltiplicata’. Bagnacavallo (RA), centro culturale ‘Le cappuccine’. Curated by Raffaella Iannella. 1999.

La scultura marchigiana dal dopoguerra ad oggi

Exhibition catalogue of ‘La scultura marchigiana dal dopoguerra ad oggi – 1945/1998’. Ancona, Mole Vanvitelliana. Curated…

Fuori Uso – Mercato Globale

Exhibition catalogue of ‘Fuori Uso – Mercato Globale’. Pescara. Curated by: Francesca Alessandrini, Laura…

Nei media l'identità. Flash Art N.205

  Publication. Nei media l’identità. Flash Art N.205. Article by Guido Molinari. Published by ‘Giancarlo…

Joseph Kosuth. 'Rules and Meanings' and 'Located Work'

Monograph; boxed edition; offset-printed; sewn bound; 19 x12.4 cm.; 94 pp. and 153 pp….

Aperto Italia '97 – Giovane arte e giovane critica

Exhibition catalogue of ‘Aperto Italia ’97 – Giovane arte e giovane critica’. Trevi (PG), Trevi…

MARKINGEGNO Mostra – Inchiesta Itinerante

Exhibition catalogue of ‘MARKINGEGNO Mostra-inchiesta itinerante’. San Marino City and various other places. Curated by Luciano Marucci….

Via Fiuggi “Next Generation”. Flash Art N.196

Publication. Via Fiuggi “Next Generation”. Flash Art Italia N.196. Interview by Davide Bertocchi. Published by ‘Giancarlo…

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